Our Vision 

Connecting life to God


Our Mission

Bridge Church conveys life by Building, Revealing, Identifying, Discipling, Giving, and Evaluating.



Evaluating and Realigning


At Bridge Church, we never want to stop growing. We realize the importance of asking the right questions for achieving our goals and discerning motives, questions such as:


•    Am I [are we] investing in the right activity?

•    What information is needed to make a decision or manage change?

•    What are the key issues preventing me [us] from the desired outcome?

•    From where will the resistances to change come?


We believe that evaluating and realigning should occur in every part of life and should follow this recurring process:


•    Unfreeze spiritually and mentally (analyze reality).

•    Transition by discerning goals, values, and results.

•    Change through implementing new plans (manage difficult decisions).

   •    Establish new patterns, celebrate new growth, and refreeze.


“Find out what pleases the Lord.”

Ephesians 5:10 [NIV]