Food Pantry Hours: Thursdays, 10am - 12pm


One of the most direct ways that Bridge Church connects life to God is through our Benevolence Ministry. “Just as we know that people have spiritual needs,” explains the ministry’s leader, Cal Kreunen, “we also recognize that they have physical needs, and our Benevolence Ministry seeks to meet these needs in a tangible way.” He continues, “The goal is to reach out to members of our community both inside and outside of our congregation and show them the love that God has commanded of us.”



In April of 2013, our Benevolence Ministry began the Bridge Church Food Pantry, which provides food to families in need in the Annapolis area. Through a combination of donated and government-provided food, the Food Pantry has been able to assist hundreds of people in our community. If you know someone in need who could benefit from this ministry’s help, please invite them to visit each Thursday.


The Food Pantry is always in need of donations. If you would like to make a donation, you may either drop it off on any Thursday during the pantry’s open hours or place it in the donations box in our church lobby before service on any Sunday morning. In addition, if you have a heart to help the less fortunate and desire to serve others, please leave a message for Cal by calling or emailing our church office.


While currently its main focus is the Food Pantry, the Benevolence Ministry is seeking to develop additional outlets for showing God’s love to our community. While providing tangible help for those in need is a clear and practical way of fulfilling our church’s vision of “connecting life to God,” Cal believes the ministry’s impact on connecting goes even deeper: “One of the things I hope will happen is that this process of benevolence builds a sense of community within the congregation and a sense of belonging to the community of Annapolis.”







Cal Kreunen and his wife Linda reside in Davidsonville, Maryland. They have two children and six grandchildren. A native of Wisconsin, Cal is both a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and a Vietnam Veteran who served proudly in the United States Air Force. Cal and Linda met while Cal was stationed in Linda’s home state of Texas, and they moved to Maryland in 1970. Before retiring, Cal worked as a Deputy Program Manager at Naval Air Systems Command. He is currently employed part-time as a Chaplain at the State of Maryland’s Charlotte Hall pre-release facility, where he works with inmates who are transitioning back into society.

When not involved at church or work, Cal enjoys reading Scripture, working on projects in his workshop, honing his upcoming book The Names of Praise, and spending time with family.

One of Cal’s favorite aspects of Bridge Church is Pastor Bill’s sermons. He appreciates Pastor Bill’s perspective and believes in the call of God on his life. In addition, he is convinced that revival is coming to the city of Annapolis and that God is allowing Bridge Church to play an integral role in this city-wide breakthrough, and he and Linda want to be a part of that.